Friday, October 12, 2007

The Art of DUB

Boston's own Geoff White AKA G Notorious has been at the forefront of this whole "Underground" thing for years and his Website has been a resource and hub for the UK Sound right here in North America for nearly a decade. Long enough to denote when dubstep was still under the umbrella of UK Garage ( which by the way, it still is for me). I can list a bunch of events from the past that Geoff has been involved in and/or responsible for, but instead of re-hashing the past, its the here and now that makes G Notorious and relevant to today's underground music. The DJ/Producer continues to promote the sound that originated in the UK once a month at DUBWISE @ the Enormous room on Mass Ave in Cambridge.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"BASS IS LOADED" : the Prequel

good question - Actually it's Both.

Those of you who might be confused with the names and dates are not alone.
We too have recognized the confusion and want to clear things up and
TONIGHT is the beginning of the end of the beginning...


Our apologies-*E-Heavy is being rescheduled for a future Operation Underground, details to come.

Trust me, it will be well worth your time-
Those arriving early (10pm) will receive a special token of appreciation. - of the musical kind. Limited number. First come First served.

Then After the Halloween extravaganza with JOE NICE Oct 31, you can expect 2 affiliated events with enough variation that you will want to attend them both.

Second Wednesday of each month-

You can expect to hear: UK Garage::2step::Bassline:: Dubstep and other Underground Sounds. Hosted by Bostown Massive w/ Soundbox Presents


Last Wednesday of each month
You can expect a full night of DUBSTEP , covering the full range of styles past and present. Hosted by Soundbox Presents w/ Bostown Massive

Tonight it’s about bringing both together in preparation of Good things to come, but we can't do it without YOU.

Tonight 10pm @ GoodLife - BASSIC vs. OPERATION UNDERGROUND
"BASS IS LOADED" the prequel.

Goodlife - 28 Kingston Street , Boston MA.
10pm - No Cover - Casual- 21+

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Let the BASS begin

Quick note to get things started. this is a Temp location while our site is being pondered. Check here for the latest happening in and around Underground.
Might as well start with this one.

Mark your calendars and expect BIG FUN. I will have more details for you coming later today. For now, here are some key words associated with what will be happening.

Music - (that's a given)
Dubstep ( ok thats a given too)
Soundbox Presents
Damian - Co Tec - Dabu (so that's really three key "Names")
Dancing - (ofcourse)
Bostown Massive/Operation Underground (shameless Plug)
Halloween (that's what the calendar says)

and I will throw in a 1 more before I sign off. This one is pretty significant.

Joe Nice [Dubwar/NYC] comes to BASSIC
Wednesday October 31 Halloween 10pm

Dubwar is America's PREMIER Dubstep event, and JOE NICE is Universally known as the world's Prime Minister of Dubstep. (yes , I said world - as in whole wide...) So if you've been on the fence about the music, or the event, here is opportunity to experience Dubstep as delivered by the man who is arguably the most highly regarded Dubstep selector in all the land.

Soundbox Presents: BASSIC -
Location: Good Life 28 Kingston Street Boston MA.