Monday, May 12, 2008

California, knows how to party!

How dare I slack off and not post that ROOMMATE will be hitting OPERATION UNDERGROUND in just a couple of days. As producers go, he is skilled in the way of DUB and even knows how to get his Westside BBOY on with as much style as say CASPA and MATTY G. (another west coast bloke). In as far as Dubstep goes here in the USA, California and Texas appear to have the Lion's share of quality producers, and there are several others scattered throughout the U.S Dubstep Music, while still quite young, has already undergone several incarnations, from it's early 2step sound to a kinship with Bhangra, up through the half step wobble, Dark & Heavy, Roots and even hip-hop and grime inspired tracks. The Producers hailing from the west are putting their stamp on the genre in ways that will push the sound forward, with a close association to Drum and Bass and G Funk hip hop, the west has a sound of it's own. Atlanta's Timbaland is probably jacking beats as I write this. (Tim, c'mon man give people their props and some of that royalty money will you? The Middle eastern, Indian and 8bit musicians you "borrow" from deserve to be acknowledged and compensated too dude.) pardon the digression. ahem back to California...

Roommate is one of several promising knob twiddlers from San Francisco who mixes up his production styles quite well. From a deep reggae dub skanker to that "on the corner drinking a 40 and puffing an EL" vibe. He has tracks released across several labels under different project names, Including Babylon system, and OSC. It's that level of diversity that landed him an invitation to the Big East to hit up Operation Underground. As Boston continues to define itself amongst the worldwide dubstep community its an extra treat to connect with producer/DJ who understand the importance of supporting a developing "scene". So big up the one called Justin M aka ROOMMATE.

Bostown Massive and goodlife presents OPERATION UNDERGROUND with the Multi Label Production Talent: ROOMMATE w/ G Notorious at Good life on May 14th. 9:30pm check