Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogging is a game of catch up for this writer, Life is happening at such a rapid rate it's been difficult to capture all the goings on in the underbelly of Boston's developing dubstep movement. Why a movement and not a scene? Movement occurs when you have several people from different social and economic backgrounds working on the same project in their own way and occasionally coming together to support the overall cause. A scene IS , a movement evolves. Boston is certainly evolving.

The plan is to continue to develop a more solidified movement centered around Music. Be it through Operation Underground or through other avenues. I've personally taken off my LOVE / HATE rings in relation to the other players in the Dubstep arena. It's a little saddening that getting along isn't as easy as it could be. The often quoted words of Rodney King come to mind, "can't we all just... Get along?" and the answer is YES.

DJing as I found is truly ego based. this is not a bad thing. I once viewed it as such but realize that it's an outlet to be heard, recognized, adored, and perhaps worshiped although there are only a few who ever reach the level of being DJ GODS. Despite knowing just how to set a blaze amongst the community via fireballs of words and phrases, There is a calm that self evaluation brings. It brings you us back to the reason for creating a party , a blog, a scene, a movement. in the end regardless of what the purpose it ultimately requires PEOPLE to aid in the process.

Where does that leave us of Boston Dubstep? well if the objective is the building of community and to host kick ass parties then lets get too it. Lets push things forward.