Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogging is a game of catch up for this writer, Life is happening at such a rapid rate it's been difficult to capture all the goings on in the underbelly of Boston's developing dubstep movement. Why a movement and not a scene? Movement occurs when you have several people from different social and economic backgrounds working on the same project in their own way and occasionally coming together to support the overall cause. A scene IS , a movement evolves. Boston is certainly evolving.

The plan is to continue to develop a more solidified movement centered around Music. Be it through Operation Underground or through other avenues. I've personally taken off my LOVE / HATE rings in relation to the other players in the Dubstep arena. It's a little saddening that getting along isn't as easy as it could be. The often quoted words of Rodney King come to mind, "can't we all just... Get along?" and the answer is YES.

DJing as I found is truly ego based. this is not a bad thing. I once viewed it as such but realize that it's an outlet to be heard, recognized, adored, and perhaps worshiped although there are only a few who ever reach the level of being DJ GODS. Despite knowing just how to set a blaze amongst the community via fireballs of words and phrases, There is a calm that self evaluation brings. It brings you us back to the reason for creating a party , a blog, a scene, a movement. in the end regardless of what the purpose it ultimately requires PEOPLE to aid in the process.

Where does that leave us of Boston Dubstep? well if the objective is the building of community and to host kick ass parties then lets get too it. Lets push things forward.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Deep in the heart of texas... Pt. 2

Each passing year ushers in a slew of new record labels slinging dubstep in it's multiple styles. PLANET MU is NOT the newest but may very well be one of the most pioneering along with TEMPA, HOT FLUSH, NARCO HZ, Deep Medi, and a few others who've brought Dubstep to the fore front of underground dance music. P-Mu was keen enough to set their sights on Austin Texas Producer PARSON who dropped a few quality foot stompers under the labels imprint.

PARSON has been an active part of Texas' growing dubstep scene along side the likes of Mundo of Dub assembly and others. Boston will have the opportunity to get intimate with Parson on Wed. June 11th 2008 during the monthly party "OPERATION UNDERGROUND" which happens 2nd Wednesday at GOOD LIFE - 28 Kingston Street, Boston MA.

The June 11th Line up also includes SUB.FM's INCYDE who is affiliated with HOT FLUSH RECORDINGS. Incyde, has been hot on the local circuit and is one of BOSTON's first to play the defacto dubstep event in North America, DUBWAR. Incyde's most recent Mix compilation is a certified banger! and catching him Live will be nothing short of a treat.

OPERATION UNDERGROUND June 11th 2008 @ Good Life 28 Tremont Street Boston MA.

Monday, May 12, 2008

California, knows how to party!

How dare I slack off and not post that ROOMMATE will be hitting OPERATION UNDERGROUND in just a couple of days. As producers go, he is skilled in the way of DUB and even knows how to get his Westside BBOY on with as much style as say CASPA and MATTY G. (another west coast bloke). In as far as Dubstep goes here in the USA, California and Texas appear to have the Lion's share of quality producers, and there are several others scattered throughout the U.S Dubstep Music, while still quite young, has already undergone several incarnations, from it's early 2step sound to a kinship with Bhangra, up through the half step wobble, Dark & Heavy, Roots and even hip-hop and grime inspired tracks. The Producers hailing from the west are putting their stamp on the genre in ways that will push the sound forward, with a close association to Drum and Bass and G Funk hip hop, the west has a sound of it's own. Atlanta's Timbaland is probably jacking beats as I write this. (Tim, c'mon man give people their props and some of that royalty money will you? The Middle eastern, Indian and 8bit musicians you "borrow" from deserve to be acknowledged and compensated too dude.) pardon the digression. ahem back to California...

Roommate is one of several promising knob twiddlers from San Francisco who mixes up his production styles quite well. From a deep reggae dub skanker to that "on the corner drinking a 40 and puffing an EL" vibe. He has tracks released across several labels under different project names, Including Babylon system, and OSC. It's that level of diversity that landed him an invitation to the Big East to hit up Operation Underground. As Boston continues to define itself amongst the worldwide dubstep community its an extra treat to connect with producer/DJ who understand the importance of supporting a developing "scene". So big up the one called Justin M aka ROOMMATE.

Bostown Massive and goodlife presents OPERATION UNDERGROUND with the Multi Label Production Talent: ROOMMATE w/ G Notorious at Good life on May 14th. 9:30pm check

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Darqsyde Vol 2= No Dubs?

Ahh this may require a little more clarification than anticipated... so check it.
Darqsyde Vol 2= No dubs?, well more like fewer dubs or not emphasizing dubs...

Out if the Darq vol1: was the same way. it was mostly classic and seldom heard tunes. like everything else I think that once a song is just a few days old, it becomes well OLD in the minds of most of the DJs (consumers are the same way when it comes to cell phones for some reason.. thats a whole different topic though). for as many of my own tracks that are sitting idle or those from the people who hit me with theirs, (which I play on occasion) I think that it has become the rule and not the exception and putting out a mix automatically means NEW and unreleased material. Often that is where all the value is for people.

It began in HIP HOP in the late eighties with people like DJ CLUE and RON G, with Clue putting out mixes of tracks that would never see the light of day. while it was all good to hear some new stuff, when DJ KID CAPRI put out a mix tape it was chock full of all the tunes you heard before mixed with B sides of joints you may have over looked and it was a real treat to hear it all mixed in a way that made it sound like you never heard it before. I wanted to set that expectation.

While there's clearly nothing wrong with the all new approach, I certainly enjoy sneak previews, almost every CD or mix I receive is loaded to the max with up and coming or works in progress, nice to hear the direction that producers are going in. It seems that with more DJs putting emphasis on the "CLUE" side of a mix compilation, one should not automatically expect that this Darqsyde mix will be loaded with un realeased material. I chose the "KID CAPRI" route for this particular project. :) Perhaps the next time it'll be a "CLUE" style joint that comes your way. Again, no offense to the dub slingers out there. I respect what that's all about and part of being a revolutionary is being unconventional in one's approach to a matter. Guerrilla is what Guerrilla does. Hope that sheds more light on the DARQSYDE of things.

Let the Battles Begin...

DJ Battles were all the rage back in NYC during the early days of HIP HOP. Usually with One DJ Publicly calling out another for DJ Supremacy. While MC Battles were of epic proportion ( Busy B Vs. Kool Moe D, Cold Crush Bros Vs. Force MCs, Fantastic 5 vs Furious 5).
None of it was possible without the DJ. and everyone got their game on.
JAZZY J, Grandmaster Flash, Master Don, DJ BreakOut, Charlie Chase/Tony Tone). this was the era I grew up in.

Long before Hip Hop ever made it to vinyl, before concert stages there were "JAMS" in the park and the community centers. Soundview Park, Castle Hill, Throggs Neck, Bronx River. Yes, I am truly a Bronx native, born bred and raised. I witnessed the birth of Hip Hop and watched it grow into this mutant thing called Rap, while all the elements of Hip Hop Culture has been revisited. B-Boys Breakdancing, Graffitti ( years prior, JAM-2 was hitting the 6 , 2 and 4 trains, for those wondering where the name came from- tagging with T.O.B - or the crews from soundview and Munroe, DOANS, JERBLE DEE, BLACK, TRAY BAG or learning from the Masters of UA like SEEN, )The pieces you see in your classic Graph Books? I witnessed it directly, from the Classic Pieces like HAND OF DOOM to the multi car joint with Santa and all his reindeer, those DONDI Pieces? BLADE, MAD, DUSTER, CEY SCOPE, Yep those too. From freshly painted to first buffed. Damn near made you want to cry.

Ask Rich Mirando (SEEN) about his piece inside of LEHMAN H.S ( first commissioned piece of graffiti from like 1978-79? who knew?) Most people probably never saw it, or knew who it was who did it. - Damn what an era.
I don't usually go on about the past in public. A) it reveals things about me that is best left unknown. B) with so many kids looking on that era as "HISTORY" I hate to sound like one of those people who claim that they were there, but.. you know.. Like seriously, I was there. There is no prize in that nor does it make me cool ( I'm far from it). There are writers and there are legends. Me, I'm just Joe Nobody. In the world of graph, Hip Hop, flyer design or any of the other avenues I traveled. I'm simply a fan as far a you're concerned, lets just leave it at that.

So How did I get off topic like that.. Anyway. DJ Battles right, There hasn't been anything of the like in the arena of Underground Music DUB WAR being based loosely on that concept is a solid event. But Boston has only witnessed Battles in the circles on the dance floor, never in the DJ booth, unless DMC competitions rolled through.

Why not go retro classic on that ass and fire up some controversy, Jam-2 Style. CALLING OUT THE DJs win or lose, Battles make you a better DJ, and with so many in this city this could be interesting. New jacks step your game up. Your name is on the roster. You will be called out Publicly so don't punk out. Defend your name , defend your honor, and rep your crew. OPERATION UNDERGROUND will host BATTLE of the DJ... any you might be on the list.

That is a long lost art that will come to Boston. are YOU Ready for BATTLE?

Friday, April 4, 2008

as seen on Myspace

On Wednesday April 9th Independent Guerrillas Join Forces to Form ALLIED REBELS and bring you FRESH BEATS and WICKED BASS!

And you can do it all again at the end of the month when the Fresh BEATS get all MOLDY!

You can get with this...

and you can get with that...

be sure to get with THIS... Cause this is kinda phat..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lets get back on track...

February 27: Bassic hosts WHOA B - [Brut Force-Chicago]

March 2: Dubwise @ Enormous Room with G Notorious/ Pandai'a + C Dubz

March 12: Dub Assembly invades Operation Underground w/ MUNDO and Birthday celebrations for Damian Silva [Soundbox Presents]

and of course CASPA at the end of the month.

Boston Gets "LOW" with Mundo & Dub Assembly...

The Lone Star state hosts one of the country’s most popular Dubstep Events, DUB ASSEMBLY, with a record label under the same name, Dub Assenbly Recordings is responsible for some of the genre’s heaviest tunes as of late..
On the buttons, knobs and faders is Jason Mundo, who has been at the forefront of Dubstep since it evolved as an offshoot subgenre of UK Garage, and Sub Low. With his 6th DA release MUNDO has pushed the barrier of modern dubstep’s clone syndrome sound and has included his own unique signature with sub frequency tremblers like “LOW”. His earlier works includes a vicious 4x4 bassline thumper , “Lonely People” which takes the Beatles classic and skillfully crafts an aural feast of low end bass attacks and filter sweeps that is down right insatiable. Catch MUNDO at Operation Underground @ Good Life Bar –Boston on Wed. March 12 2008 10pm.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

SoulChampion Crew Reunion.. Bigger than the Beatles.

Everyone always wanted to see a beatles reunion, and they waited and waited and waited. What if it was just PAUL and JOHN, it would still have been a kick ass show, besides who the hell were those other 2 dudes anyway? (just kidding Senyo and Elyte). before we get all nostalgic on you with thoughts of bringing Boston's FAB 4 back together to rock a kick ass party...

2 of the 4 will be at the controls at OPERATION UNDERGROUND for a night of BASSLINE house and Dubstep. Speed Garage's illegitimate offspring BASSLINE, is picking up where uk garage slacked off in London. Bastardized remixes, Diva vocals, wonky bass and an occaisional organ riff. Bassline ( aka Niche depending on who you ask ) is yet another splinter off the UK Garage legacy Tree, It's brother from another mother ( but still off the same tree) Dubstep is the other dominant force in existence, the actual quantity of genre splits that have occurred since the birth of Speed Garage is too numerous to calculate, but On Wednesday February 13th these 2 will undergo DNA testing through the sound system at Good Life in Boston during the monthly underground dance music social: OPERATION UNDERGROUND.

February 13th guest DJ, G Notorious [], will provide an aural instructional into the sounds of BASSLINE. Opening set of Dubstep and other distant relatives off the UK Garage family tree at 10pm by Jam-2 [Bostown Massive]. While you're waiting for a full on Soulchampion reunion, getting upclose and personal with the John and Paul and of crew aint too shabby.
Booty shaking good times for the uninhibited, as always, head nodding and toe tapping is equally welcome.

Mark your calendars... G Notorious brings the BASS(line) to Operation Underground
Wednesday February 13th