Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bedroom Rockers @ Operation Underground

This Wednesday at Goodlife we have the opportunity to share the faders with a passionate guerrilla selectress who like so many of us, has picked up a few records and is taking a stab at putting together mixes at home, the testing ground where mixers, and producers hone their craft.

Yesterdays Bedroom DJ may very well become tomorrow's producer and
The opportunity to hear what you sound like outside of the confines of your own living space is crucial in developing your sound and/or particular style.

Operation Underground is happy to put one of our faithful supporters behind the controls to drop some of her favorite Dubstep tunes and to kick off our very special series of gatherings dedicated to the women, men, boys and girls putting in practice at home developing their craft to become DJs :Bedroom Rockers @ Operation Underground with :

PANDAI'A ( pan-Dy-ah)