Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Underground Dance Music is BACK?

There was a brief moment in time when dance music was at the forefront of Boston nightlife, and hip hop was a dirty word. Then the pendulum swung and dance music was nearly extinct. With the exception of House Music which,in the bigger scope of electronic music, is the core. Jungle/DnB was introduced to the city in the early 90's and has also continued to thrive. UK Garage / 2step and its close kin Breaks soon followed and continued on its rollercoaster ride, on again off again with venue owners being less than supportive to anything NON hip hop related.

New sounds were ushered in as UK Garage's illegitmate children "Grime" and "Dubstep" continued to be introduced to the city via a revolutionary themed gathering called Operation Underground which carried on the original sounds of Producer / DJ G Notorious' Soul Champion Crew earlier events ( Dynamite, Lively, Runnin, Lively 2, Rugged, and Re-Runnin )

Breaks promoters and DJs were also holding it down at Vertigo and Phoenix Landing. While Drum and Bass stayed strong with Elements, Merge and a list of shorter lived events which added to the mix. The landscape of electronic dance music in Boston is always evolving.

House had a home in various cambridge spots and DJ Bruno continued to deliver the goods at UTOPIA which extends the lineage of legendary LOFT parties and LIFE @ the Lava Bar. Soul Revival and Leftist Lounge one off events brought Deep House supporters together with a new generation of house heads. House Music at its deepest core has a spiritual vibe which ebraced every and anyone who wanted to be a part of it. Today is seems that its core followers in Boston is more a kin to a dysfunctional family which wrangles the dance floor from new comers, and is less interested in creating that warm inviting feel which is what initially appealed to so many people who found their way to these events. but I digress...

Dance music in Boston is disjointed at best, with a core group of genres that upon critical listening really have more commonalities that differences, yet the supporters don't seem too keen on anything outside of the genres that they subscribe to, but people change, well atleast some do, fast forward to 2007 where we will have multiple promotional entities working collectively to bring awareness to underground music again. Boston Breaks, Bostown Massive , and Soundbox presents each representing their own brand of underground sound will be hosts to the Good Life Bar's Wedsnesday night dance music line up.

Boston Breaks' Ghetto Blasters kicks off the month with Breaks, followed by Bostown Massive's Operation Underground on the Second Wednesday centered around the sounds of UK Garage (2step,grime),Dubstep and a wide variety of sounds originating from the heart of London's Dance music underground. on the Last Wednesday Soundbox Presents hosts BASSIC a full night dedicated to the sounds of Dubstep. The city is a buzz with more underground music events than what existed even a year ago. You can find good non commercial music Starting on Sundays at the Enormous Room where Soulchampion's G Notorious hosts DUBWISE, mixing Dubstep with reggae dub, jungle, and Garage Classics. A full calendar of What's hot in the underground is under development.

As it currently stands, an evolution is again under way and it appears that Dance Music may be fighting it's way back into the venues in Boston. We will provide you with a PROPER listing of events to check out. In the mean time be sure to check out:
Ghetto Blasters @ Good Life on Wednesday November 7th ,
Dubwise @ Enormous Room Sunday November 11th,
Operation Underground @ Good life Wednesday November 14th
Bassic @ Good Life Wendnesday November 28th

There will be much more to come so watch this space and share our link with your friends.