Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Boston Gets "LOW" with Mundo & Dub Assembly...

The Lone Star state hosts one of the country’s most popular Dubstep Events, DUB ASSEMBLY, with a record label under the same name, Dub Assenbly Recordings is responsible for some of the genre’s heaviest tunes as of late..
On the buttons, knobs and faders is Jason Mundo, who has been at the forefront of Dubstep since it evolved as an offshoot subgenre of UK Garage, and Sub Low. With his 6th DA release MUNDO has pushed the barrier of modern dubstep’s clone syndrome sound and has included his own unique signature with sub frequency tremblers like “LOW”. His earlier works includes a vicious 4x4 bassline thumper , “Lonely People” which takes the Beatles classic and skillfully crafts an aural feast of low end bass attacks and filter sweeps that is down right insatiable. Catch MUNDO at Operation Underground @ Good Life Bar –Boston on Wed. March 12 2008 10pm.