Saturday, February 2, 2008

SoulChampion Crew Reunion.. Bigger than the Beatles.

Everyone always wanted to see a beatles reunion, and they waited and waited and waited. What if it was just PAUL and JOHN, it would still have been a kick ass show, besides who the hell were those other 2 dudes anyway? (just kidding Senyo and Elyte). before we get all nostalgic on you with thoughts of bringing Boston's FAB 4 back together to rock a kick ass party...

2 of the 4 will be at the controls at OPERATION UNDERGROUND for a night of BASSLINE house and Dubstep. Speed Garage's illegitimate offspring BASSLINE, is picking up where uk garage slacked off in London. Bastardized remixes, Diva vocals, wonky bass and an occaisional organ riff. Bassline ( aka Niche depending on who you ask ) is yet another splinter off the UK Garage legacy Tree, It's brother from another mother ( but still off the same tree) Dubstep is the other dominant force in existence, the actual quantity of genre splits that have occurred since the birth of Speed Garage is too numerous to calculate, but On Wednesday February 13th these 2 will undergo DNA testing through the sound system at Good Life in Boston during the monthly underground dance music social: OPERATION UNDERGROUND.

February 13th guest DJ, G Notorious [], will provide an aural instructional into the sounds of BASSLINE. Opening set of Dubstep and other distant relatives off the UK Garage family tree at 10pm by Jam-2 [Bostown Massive]. While you're waiting for a full on Soulchampion reunion, getting upclose and personal with the John and Paul and of crew aint too shabby.
Booty shaking good times for the uninhibited, as always, head nodding and toe tapping is equally welcome.

Mark your calendars... G Notorious brings the BASS(line) to Operation Underground
Wednesday February 13th