Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Darqsyde Vol 2= No Dubs?

Ahh this may require a little more clarification than anticipated... so check it.
Darqsyde Vol 2= No dubs?, well more like fewer dubs or not emphasizing dubs...

Out if the Darq vol1: was the same way. it was mostly classic and seldom heard tunes. like everything else I think that once a song is just a few days old, it becomes well OLD in the minds of most of the DJs (consumers are the same way when it comes to cell phones for some reason.. thats a whole different topic though). for as many of my own tracks that are sitting idle or those from the people who hit me with theirs, (which I play on occasion) I think that it has become the rule and not the exception and putting out a mix automatically means NEW and unreleased material. Often that is where all the value is for people.

It began in HIP HOP in the late eighties with people like DJ CLUE and RON G, with Clue putting out mixes of tracks that would never see the light of day. while it was all good to hear some new stuff, when DJ KID CAPRI put out a mix tape it was chock full of all the tunes you heard before mixed with B sides of joints you may have over looked and it was a real treat to hear it all mixed in a way that made it sound like you never heard it before. I wanted to set that expectation.

While there's clearly nothing wrong with the all new approach, I certainly enjoy sneak previews, almost every CD or mix I receive is loaded to the max with up and coming or works in progress, nice to hear the direction that producers are going in. It seems that with more DJs putting emphasis on the "CLUE" side of a mix compilation, one should not automatically expect that this Darqsyde mix will be loaded with un realeased material. I chose the "KID CAPRI" route for this particular project. :) Perhaps the next time it'll be a "CLUE" style joint that comes your way. Again, no offense to the dub slingers out there. I respect what that's all about and part of being a revolutionary is being unconventional in one's approach to a matter. Guerrilla is what Guerrilla does. Hope that sheds more light on the DARQSYDE of things.