Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let the Battles Begin...

DJ Battles were all the rage back in NYC during the early days of HIP HOP. Usually with One DJ Publicly calling out another for DJ Supremacy. While MC Battles were of epic proportion ( Busy B Vs. Kool Moe D, Cold Crush Bros Vs. Force MCs, Fantastic 5 vs Furious 5).
None of it was possible without the DJ. and everyone got their game on.
JAZZY J, Grandmaster Flash, Master Don, DJ BreakOut, Charlie Chase/Tony Tone). this was the era I grew up in.

Long before Hip Hop ever made it to vinyl, before concert stages there were "JAMS" in the park and the community centers. Soundview Park, Castle Hill, Throggs Neck, Bronx River. Yes, I am truly a Bronx native, born bred and raised. I witnessed the birth of Hip Hop and watched it grow into this mutant thing called Rap, while all the elements of Hip Hop Culture has been revisited. B-Boys Breakdancing, Graffitti ( years prior, JAM-2 was hitting the 6 , 2 and 4 trains, for those wondering where the name came from- tagging with T.O.B - or the crews from soundview and Munroe, DOANS, JERBLE DEE, BLACK, TRAY BAG or learning from the Masters of UA like SEEN, )The pieces you see in your classic Graph Books? I witnessed it directly, from the Classic Pieces like HAND OF DOOM to the multi car joint with Santa and all his reindeer, those DONDI Pieces? BLADE, MAD, DUSTER, CEY SCOPE, Yep those too. From freshly painted to first buffed. Damn near made you want to cry.

Ask Rich Mirando (SEEN) about his piece inside of LEHMAN H.S ( first commissioned piece of graffiti from like 1978-79? who knew?) Most people probably never saw it, or knew who it was who did it. - Damn what an era.
I don't usually go on about the past in public. A) it reveals things about me that is best left unknown. B) with so many kids looking on that era as "HISTORY" I hate to sound like one of those people who claim that they were there, but.. you know.. Like seriously, I was there. There is no prize in that nor does it make me cool ( I'm far from it). There are writers and there are legends. Me, I'm just Joe Nobody. In the world of graph, Hip Hop, flyer design or any of the other avenues I traveled. I'm simply a fan as far a you're concerned, lets just leave it at that.

So How did I get off topic like that.. Anyway. DJ Battles right, There hasn't been anything of the like in the arena of Underground Music DUB WAR being based loosely on that concept is a solid event. But Boston has only witnessed Battles in the circles on the dance floor, never in the DJ booth, unless DMC competitions rolled through.

Why not go retro classic on that ass and fire up some controversy, Jam-2 Style. CALLING OUT THE DJs win or lose, Battles make you a better DJ, and with so many in this city this could be interesting. New jacks step your game up. Your name is on the roster. You will be called out Publicly so don't punk out. Defend your name , defend your honor, and rep your crew. OPERATION UNDERGROUND will host BATTLE of the DJ... any you might be on the list.

That is a long lost art that will come to Boston. are YOU Ready for BATTLE?